Words alone often fail to convey the intent that we care, but with the right method forged by true wisdom, a harmonious interpersonal relationship can easily be reached.

Please join us as we discover how to convey love and care to your loved ones.

Date/Time: 10 am ~ 12 pm, Wednesdays, 11/6 ~ 2/12 (except 11/27, 12/25, and 1/1 due to holidays)
Venue Fee: $60 for 12 classes (to be paid on 11/6 )

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Farm-to-Table Field trip

The mission for the Farm-to-Table Field is to inspire children to understand and love nature, and to develop a sense of interconnectedness and responsibility with the environment. Through hands-on and field experiences, children will discover the need and beauty of living in harmony with nature and be motivated to care for life and the environment.


We have Workshops, Community Kitchen, Farm-to-Table field trip, Animal fun, Community outreach, and Volunteer programs. These programs provide education that will benefit your body and mind. Through learning and experience, you will begin to discover the meaning of harmony between man and nature.

About Us

We hope to bring a sense of harmony to you! We farm using organic practices and promote organic gardening. We offer gardening classes, farm stand vegetables, educational tours, community farm and animal shelter! Follow us as we develop our farm!


We welcome and would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and any other thoughts you would like to share. Please use the form below or call us at (626) 986-4551.