About Little Parrot Farm


To build a sustainable educational farm that demonstrates respect and care for land and living beings and to experience a world where man and nature can prosper and live harmoniously together.


To farm using sustainable practices while producing quality and nutritious crops and products, and to educate and unite the community behind the cause to achieve sustainability, harmony with nature, and to have compassion for all living beings.

Our Story

Once a little parrot saw a forest ablaze. Seeing the animals flee in horror, she dipped into the river to bring what little drops of water she could with her wings to the forest. Her feathers were charred and her feet were scorched. A god disguised as an eagle came to persuade her to turn back from this hopeless task. She never wavered. Moved by this, the god used his powers to clear the fire.

Similarly, we now face a great challenge for earth as well, with global warming, land and ocean pollution, destruction of rain forests and many other environmental issues. These challenges stem from lack of awareness which brings conflict between interests. But in the end, we all have one interest in mind, that is for all living things to thrive and prosper. What we need to achieve this is long-term vision, education and compassion.

Such is our dream. It is for the valiant spirit of the little parrot that we named ourselves “Little Parrot Farms”. We hope to use the farm to engage the community to care for nature and life, and to bring balance, peace and harmony to our world.