Harmony Program

To provide education that will benefit the body and mind. Through learning and experience, one will begin to discover the meaning of harmony between man and nature.

Farm-to-Table Field Trip

Educates children to learn and enjoy plants and nature, and feel a sense of belonging and responsibility, as well as understand and appreciate the value of nature and life.

Soy Sauce DIY


Helps people learn how to live with nature in harmony to achieve wellness of the body and mind as they apply these concepts to daily living.

Community Kitchen

Brings kindness, life cherishing, safe ingredients and no pollution to cooking. Talented gourmet cooks will help attendees to easily create delicious dishes, at the same time providing healthy and nutrition knowledge that will bring harmony to the body, mind and the environment.

Animal Fun

Interacts with the animals in a loving way, recognize the value of life and develop a compassionate attitude for living beings.

社區服務推廣 Community Outreach at Diamond Bar Chinese School

Community Outreach

It is part of our community service to share the knowledge and joy that we acquired.