2024 Summer Camp

Welcome to Little Parrot Farm (LPF) summer camp!
In the past few years, we have planned our camps with the purpose of helping children to learn to respect, love and protect nature in a variety of ways.

It has been our tradition to provide “Hands-on” activities that get our students involved! We are happy to have fun nature classes such as Arts in Nature, Junior Farmer, Green Chef and Animal Caretaker. Of course we also have yoga and music classes.

See below for individual class descriptions and teachers’ biography.

Early bird discount 10% off  through 4/30.
Full refunds up until one week before the date of the class.

Walnut Valley Unified School District graduates (elementary school students) of Friends of Nature for Life programs of any grade level can use coupons given in school toward Junior Farmer and Green Chef classes.

Monday to Friday Class Schedule:
Monday: Yoga & Music; Farm to Table Cooking Class
Tuesday: Cultural Learning; Art in Nature
Wednesday: Animal Story; Animal Caretaker
Thursday: Nature Themed Games; Craft (no class on July 4th.)
Friday: Yoga and Music; Junior Farmer

Date:  6/3/2024 ~ 7/12/2024
Location: 2126 Desire Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Age:  5-11;  Grade K-6

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2024 Summer Camp

Class Descriptions and Teachers background

Age 5-11

This is a vegan cooking class for children! Every week is different!  With many labels and packaged food, it can be confusing to know whether what we eat is really healthy. Through cooking and food exploration, students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition literacy for a healthier body. Healthier food, products and recipes will be introduced to empower students to make choices for a green impact. Every class devotes “Green Kitchen” time for students to get healthy, nutritious ideas for home cooking.

Important: this class uses soy and nuts ingredients.

Cooking teacher - Chanel

Chanel has recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Dietetics, 2024. She plans on attending graduate school and becoming a Registered Dietitian in the future, working in the clinical and community field. Chanel is very passionate about community outreach, assuring that many populations are able to receive the health and nutrition care that they need!

Age 5-11.

Join us for a six-week art program exploring the beauty of nature through a variety of artistic mediums! We will delve into the natural world with hands-on projects designed to spark creativity, develop technical skills, and inspire a love of art and nature.

Throughout the program, we’ll also learn about the ways in which art and nature intersect, discussing the importance of conservation, the role of art in environmental activism, and the ways in which artists have captured the beauty and complexity of the natural world throughout history.

Week 1: Chinese brush painting with watercolors, discovering the beauty of this ancient technique. We’ll learn about brush strokes, color mixing, and the symbolism of different subjects in Chinese art.

Week 2: Black paper drawing. With metallic pencils and paint pens and pastels, we’ll experiment with contrast and negative space to create stunning images of plants and animals against a dark background.

Week 3: Life drawings of animals. Using a variety of drawing materials, we’ll observe chicken, alpaca, rabbit and sketch our subjects in detail, learning about composition, proportion, and shading.

Week 4: Stop motion animation. Using found materials from nature to create short films that capture the movement and energy of the world around us. We’ll learn about storyboarding, character design, and the technical aspects of stop motion animation.

Week 5: Pen and ink line drawings of close-up vegetables and cooked foods. From farm to table, using fine-tipped pens, we’ll capture the intricate details of nature in black and white, practicing precision and attention to detail.

Week 6: Acrylic landscape paintings of the four seasons, exploring the colors, textures, and moods of each season as we create our own unique pieces on canvas.

*topics subject to change.

Art Teacher_Rachel Rong_Summer Camp_Little Parrot Farm

Rachel studied in the MFA program at the California Institute of the Arts and received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Contemporary artist Rachel Rong created a unique concept of art education, combining the spirit of active research, art experiment and self-expression with the cognitive development process of children, establishing an intimate relationship between people and art, improving people’s aesthetic ability and image communication skills. She believes that art, like eating, should be an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Rachel hopes that the artistic feast will be global, diverse, aesthetically advanced, and uniquely creative.

Age 5-11
Step into our lively barns to interact with animals and tend to their needs! Brush animal hair, collect food, clean animal habitats and feed them first-hand.

With guidance from trained staff, students will:
Develop sensitivity in how to respond and properly handle farm animals.
Learn hands-on how to “treat others the way they want to be treated,” from how to pet animals, to reading cues on what is needed — water or food, rest and more.
Care for different kinds of animals on the farm through weekly rotation: pigs, roosters, hens, chinchillas, rabbits, cats, dogs, turtles, alpacas.

Each class, trainers will share first-hand experiences and lively stories of our farm animals. Students discover what makes each breed unique, while getting to know all the animal’s personalities — such as “Gentle Andy,” the alpaca. By working in small groups, students develop teamwork skills and exercise responsibility with an assigned task from their animal caretaker mentor. From caring for animals at a young age, students plant the seeds of helping and being kind to all living creatures.

*topics subject to change.


Angeles Martinez
At a young age Angie had her own pets that she would care for including goats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, dogs, chickens and many more. Learning about veterinary medicine and how animals are important for agriculture have always been something she’s been interested in. So after a lifelong love and compassion for animals Angie decided to pursue a B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona. Now she works at Little Parrot Farm as an animal caretaker.

Age: 5-11

Join our craft class where children can unleash their creativity and explore various craft techniques. From painting with canvas to working with natural materials like clay and bamboos, they will learn to make and shape new creations. Don’t miss the opportunity for your child to engage in this hands-on experience and create beautiful art pieces. Enroll now!

6/6 Canvas art with sea shells

6/13 Felt Decorated Frame

6/20 Colorful Dry Clay Animals

6/27 TBA

7/4 no class due to holiday

7/11 TBA

*craft may change depending on availability of materials.


Julia enjoys working with kids and is a long term associate of our art teacher Rachel. Her crafts ideas are amazing and easy to accomplish for children. Amazing crafts are done in a short amount of time!

Age 5-11

Grow vegetables by working together with nature! Understand the anatomy of plants, the many supporting factors to make plants grow, and farm insects that help support a healthy farm ecosystem. Every lesson, junior farmers will observe and apply skills towards designing and maintaining an edible garden with their classmates. Grow into a farmer that gives back to nature, by practicing “green” farming.


Mandy received a B.S.in Molecular biology, UCSD,1998, a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCD, 2010, and has been a lecturer at Cal State LA since 2016. She enjoys working  and teaching with plants and animals.


For cancellation before 5/27, you will receive a 100% refund.
For cancellation between 5/28-6/2, you will receive a 75% refund.
For cancellation starting 6/3, you will receive 50% refund.

Any questions: info@littleparrotfarm.org 626-986-4551 or contact Rosa 714-928-9310