High School Program: Earth Regeneration

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The high school program looks through the lens of the food system to discover the disconnect between human and the natural world by investigating the sources of current global problems such as climate change, deforestation, ocean eutrophication, chronic diseases, loss of biodiversity, soil, and pollinators. Students learn to connect with nature everyday beginning with their food choices, how they treat the soil, turning food waste into compost, gardening and shopping organically. Students not only learn the problems, but the science behind the problems, the solutions and the social impacts. They also have hands on farming experiences to understand how regenerative agriculture improves the environment and plays a big part of the solutions to these global issues.

Learning and field work is combined in every session. There are a total of 16 sessions (2 hours each session) and organized into 4 modules: farm-to-table, pollinators and decomposers, soil health and organic planting. Lecturers include college professor, dietitian, bee keepers and farmers.

In addition, the high school program helps youngsters to work in teams, build confidence, join organized events such as Earth Day at the farm as volunteers and support elementary school’s Friend of Nature for Life programs. Students also have the chance to learn leadership skills by organizing peer teams, design and lead projects at the farm, become assistant lecturers for peers, lead tours and educational events for middle school and elementary school students, organize educational booths, become liaisons for the farm with outside community groups and other nonprofits.