2022 Earth Day

How are you doing at this time?

Two years have passed since the pandemic. The earth is rejuvenating, the birds are singing, and the flowers are fragrant. Do you also look forward to the warm spring breeze blowing into your heart and mine? This year on Earth Day, let us gather together at Little Parrot Farm to care about one another’s life, the sky, the ocean, the earth, and every life. We hope that we can touch each other’s dynamic and prosperous vitality through our sincere hearts and awaken the seeds of sincerity, kindness, and beauty in our hearts.

Let’s experience the “Saving the Sheep Challenge” together, the untold warmth and touching stories within.

Let’s learn about “the relationship between organic food and soil” and “life of reducing plastic” together, fill up your taste bud and gain knowledge to the goal of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

#Take it if you like it! Giving is more blessed than receiving and lets the unwanted find a better place to belong.

Feeling the spring breeze! We invite you to Little Parrot Farm together. On April 23, let’s connect the earth and each other.

for 2022 Earth day 世界地球日 0423 Saturday at Little Parrot Farm

For the health and safety of the participants,We take pre-cautious on the Pandemic matter by the following:
1. Wear a mask
2. Measure body temperature at the entrance
3. Those over 12 years old need to present a vaccine card

If any question, please contact:plastic-free@blisswisdomla.org
or message us: https://www.facebook.com/LittleParrotFarm