2021 Summer Camp

Our Summer Program is a farm nature lab to explore and learn how to practice keeping the earth green with farming, healthy cooking, recycling, composting and more! Use our nature lab to develop your creativity in art, more mindfulness with yoga, gather farm materials to make your own organic products.

The possibilities for exploring nature are endless on the farm!

2021 Summer Camp at Little Parrot Farm 小鸚鵡農場 暑期營

Class Descriptions (click class name for details)

Nature Crafts(Mondays 10am-12pm)

In a world of consuming and buying, young children can learn to be eco-friendly through crafting from natural materials. From our own hands, we will make and shape new creations using either recycled or natural products from our own farm. Experiment and learn to work with raw materials such as herbs, wax, wood, rocks, fur and more. Explore and learn about the many uses and benefits of these raw materials.

With each class, students will expand hands-on skills and knowledge of how to respect earth’s resources. Each class creation will spark students’ creativity and outlook with natural materials.

Age: 7-11

Weeks 1 & 2 (6/7, 6/14)
Back to Basics: Imagination with Rock and Wood
Experiment with building and rearranging raw materials to create items for your own imaginative play or decoration. Students will do rock and wood crafts.

Weeks 3 & 4 (6/21, 6/28)
From Mother Earth to Body
The simplest products can bring the most nutrition and healing to us. Learn to make personal products like soaps, lotion bar, eye pillows, herb oil.

Weeks 5 & 6 (7/5, 7/12)
Eco-Inspired: New Creations From Natural Materials
Discover how natural materials can be reused to create highly useful or decorative items. Make items from LPF’s farm materials such as dryer balls from alpaca fur.

Weeks 7 & 8 (7/19, 7/26)
Mini Green Worlds
Learn how to create fun gifts to give to others or yourself to spread more “green,” or surround your home with more green inspiration. Create plantable papers, sponge sprout houses, and build your own terrarium.

*craft may change depending on availability of materials.

*If you choose afternoon classes, can have child bring lunch and we will take care your child during lunch.

Summer Camp_Nature Craft & Animals_Monday 10am

Yoga & Mindfulness in Nature (Mondays & Wednesdays 1pm-2:30pm)

Build up self-awareness, relationship to nature and mind-body connection through various activities 

Age: 7-11
English Instructions in class

In these uncertain times, students are now facing increasing levels of stress. With nature as inspiration and grounds for practice, this yoga program offers activities and group exercises to promote mindfulness and positive peer interaction. From yoga games, body flow card sequences, nature meditation, to group gratitude exercises, students will build up body-mind movement and self-awareness. Each week, students will develop mental and physical rituals for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join us to experience peace, calm and harmony with nature, and within yourself!

6/7 & 6/9 Breath:
Expand ways to deepen breathing to build a strong yoga foundation. With guided exercises, learn different types of breathing to achieve calm or build up energy.

6/14 & 6/16 Body:
Open your senses to awaken your body and mind. Heighten mindfulness through experiencing nature around you with what you see, hear, smell and touch.

6/21 & 6/23 Mind:
Learn to deal with waves of thoughts through guided meditation. With guided meditation and activities, explore methods to sharpen your focus and build a positive train of thinking.

6/28 & 6/30 Heart:
Our hearts can become a garden of flowers or weeds. Discover how to plant positive seeds with kind thoughts and feelings to ourselves, those around us and our environment.

7/5 & 7/7 Calm & Focus:
Emotions can be a stormy rage! Learn skills to settle your emotions with guided meditation methods. Turn negative emotions in positive energy through reflection.

7/12 & 7/14 Courage:
Discover the brave spirit within you. With group reflection on role models, you will start to embody the courage you admire in others.

7/19 & 7/21 Self-Care:
Being kind and gentle with oneself is what allows our hearts and minds to grow. Learn ways that promote gentle nurturing of oneself for a healthy, happier lifestyle.

7/26 & 7/28 Everything That is Me:
Bring together mind, body and heart to experience more wholeness and peace within yourself and with nature.

Summer Camp_Yoga & Mindfulness in Nature_Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm

All about Art & Nature(Tuesdays 10am-12pm)

Explore themes with animals, landscapes and learn how to express your connection to nature through many art forms

Age: 7-11

“All About Art & Nature!” is an art program where students explore themes of nature with different art experiments to develop self-expression. With an introduction to different artists, students will learn art forms used to depict elements of nature, such as animals, plants, landscapes and more. Students will draw inspiration from what they see, hear and feel on the farm to convey their ideas and experiences with nature into a piece of art. This program builds skills in: Using basic art materials for a range of visual effects (crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, and paper collage) Developing visual thinking skills: observation and interpretation of student work, masterpieces and nature Developing own artistic style with creative thinking and expression Each class, students will complete their own unique work of art that reflects their exploration and connection to nature.

6/8 Moody Sheep: How do colors make me feel?

6/15 You Are What You Eat: My Dinner Table

6/22 Drawing Cute Animals: Meeting Animals from Little Parrot Farm

6/29 Drawing with Scissors: Henri Matisse Inspired

7/5 Emily Dickinson: Hope as an Object with Features

7/13 Panorama: Line & Texture Drawing

7/20 Kaleidoscope World: Making a Myriorama Game

7/27 Live a Full Life: Frida Kahlo Inspired Portrait

*May need additional material fee.

*If you choose afternoon classes, can have child bring lunch and we will take care your child during lunch.

Summer Camp_All about Art & Nature_Tuesday 10am

Animal Caretaker(Tuesdays 1-2:30pm)

Step into our lively barns to interact with animals and tend to their needs! Brush animal hair, collect food, clean animal habitats and feed them first-hand.

With guidance from trained staff, students will:

  • Develop sensitivity in how to respond and properly handle farm animals.
  • Learn hands-on how to “treat others the way they want to be treated,” from how to pet animals, to reading cues on what is needed — water or food, rest and more.
  • Care for different kinds of animals on the farm through weekly rotation: pigs, hens, goat, duck, rabbits, cats, turtles, alpacas.

Each class, trainers will share first-hand experiences and lively stories of our farm animals. Students discover what makes each breed unique, while getting to know all the animal’s personalities — such as “Sassy Sammy” the duck, or “Gentle Andy,” the alpaca. By working in small groups, students develop teamwork skills and exercise responsibility with an assigned task from their animal caretaker mentor. From caring for animals at a young age, students plant the seeds of helping and being kind to all living creatures.

Animal Caretakers

Junior Farmer (Wednesdays 10am-12pm)

Learn essential gardening skills and knowledge to work with nature to practice green ways of farming to help the earth

Age 7-11
This is a farm ON-SITE CLASS!
Grow vegetables by working together with nature!

Understand the anatomy of plants, the many supporting factors to make plants grow, and farm insects that help support a healthy farm ecosystem.
Every lesson, junior farmers will observe and apply skills towards designing and maintaining an edible garden with their classmates.
Grow into a farmer that gives back to nature, by practicing “green” farming.
Bring something home every unit! Each unit is two weeks

Unit 1 (6/9, 6/16): How does Mother Earth provide food?
Experience and appreciate the farm-to-table process and learn the essential elements needed to bring food to you. Explore the intriguing world of soil – the real power plant behind producing food. Learn how to analyze your own soil at home. Learn to mix soil together and take home a seedling kit!

Unit 2 (6/23, 6/30): Design your own garden and grow!
Plan a year-long edible garden by considering seasons, growth size and more. Learn how to grow plants from seeds and seedlings. Also learn how to harvest seeds! Bring home seeds and seedlings for your own backyard garden!

Unit 3 (7/7 & 7/14): Small things make a difference
Be amazed by wiggly worms! Learn how worms turn trash into compost and nutrition for soil. Do your own composting at home! Discover medicinal herbs, used in oil and soap. Children will create a personal product with the teachers and bring it home!

Unit 4 (7/21 & 7/28): Busy Pollinators
Other than bees, who else is busying pollinating? Observe and learn to pollinate at the farm. Without pollinators, we will not have have many fruits and vegetables! Learn the importance of bees and make your own honey bee soap to take home!

Note: To ensure we have good safety precautions for covid-19, we have added staff and sanitizing procedures to make this happen. So spaces are limited and program fees are higher.

*If you choose afternoon classes, can have child bring lunch and we will take care your child during lunch.

Summer Camp_Junior Farmer

Green Chef & Nutrition(Thursdays 10am-12pm)

Build up knowledge to make healthier choices

Age 7 and up

Do you really know what is on your plate? With many labels and packaged food, it can be confusing to know whether what we eat is really healthy. Through class activities and food exploration, students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition literacy for a healthier body. Healthier food, products and recipes will be introduced to empower students to make choices for a green impact. Every class devotes “Green Kitchen” time for students to truly become a green chef — to work with ingredients to make and taste the healthy, nutritious ideas learned.

Unit 1 (6/10, 6/17) Whole Diet, Whole You~
Understand what is “whole” unprocessed foods (meet whole grain superheroes!) and that balanced choices from the food groups will give you nutrients to build a strong body.
Green Kitchen Creation: Wholegrain Pesto Fusilli & Choco-Chip Cookies.

Unit 2: (6/24, 7/1) Make Mother Earth Smile~
Learn what foods lighten the load for Mother Earth and how plant proteins supply you with great nutrients while being just as tasty and fun!
Green Kitchen Creation: Hand Roll with Vegan Mayonnaise and Sloppy Joe.

Unit 3: (7/8 & 7/15) Food Journey with Senses
Cultivate appreciation and knowledge of cultural cuisines. Learn the history behind popular foods!
Green Kitchen Creation: Italian Tri-color Pizza and Japanese Ramen

Unit 4: (7/22, 7/29) Natural and Beautiful
Skip the artificial flavors and colors and be dazzled with the kaleidoscope of nature.
Green Kitchen Creation: Popsicles & Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake

Summer Camp_Green Chef & Nutrition_Thursday 10am

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Refund & Cancellation

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Little Parrot Farm - Response & Cancellation due to Covid-19

In the event that Little Parrot Farm is required to stop on-site classes in response to Covid-related emergencies, we will offer the following options:

  • LPF will hold virtual classes in place of on-site classes.
    – If you opt for your child to continue summer program classes virtually, LPF will refund the difference between on-site and virtual classes.
    – Virtual classes are $5 less than on-site classes.
  • In the event that LPF is unable to hold virtual classes, you will receive a refund for remaining classes.

Eligibility for refund:

  • Families impacted or adversely affected by Covid-19, including contracting Covid-19, suspected exposure to Covid-19, job loss, etc.
  • Unforeseen circumstances, such as severe illness (non-Covid related), family emergencies (death, hardships).
  • Little Parrot Farm is required to respond to Covid related emergencies and stop on-site classes, and will hold virtual sessions for remaining classes.
  • Little Parrot Farm is forced to close the site and unable to broadcast virtual classes.

Should any of the above circumstances apply, Little Parrot Farm Education staff will determine by a case-to-case basis on the amount refunded for missed days.
*Please note: we do not refund for partially missed classes or days.