adopt alpaca Orville

Orville is just a handsome alpaca but with quirky personality. He comes from a line of alpacas that would often be in state alpaca competitions. That would explain why he is good looking. He does not like stares and would often spit at you because he thinks you are challenging him. He also does not like mirrored sunglasses! But we all notice that he loves Asian long hair girls. You can see how he gets close to them and smell them. He is a good buddy to be around because whenever he detects threats to the animals in the courtyard, he would stand in front to protect. He would also let Andy have all the food he wants. Even though he has a cranky personality, he has a soft spot in his heart.

adopt alpaca Andy

Andy is a reserved and gentle alpaca. He does spit, but only at Orville, never at people. He avoids confrontation at all costs. He is just as curious as Orville. He loves to eat mulberry leaves just like Orville. He sure is a foodie! When he sees alpaca pellets, there is no end to eating and the meager Andy turns into a bully Andy. Orville has to concede the pellet bowl often. He is very attached to Orville and goes wherever Orville goes.

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