adopt cats-Trinity

Trinity is our three-leg cat. One of our volunteers found her on the street and tried to foster her until it was too difficult to do so. Shen then transferred Trinity to our farm. We think Trinity suffered great trauma while being on the street and therefore had great trust issues. Trinity is extremely shy but does opens up to a few staff who come to feed and clean. She loves being petted and talked to nicely. On occasion, she will even come out and see her favorite volunteer. It is so sweet to see how Choco Pie and Panther both respect and love her dearly. Age 7

adopt cats-Panther

Panther,Male,Age 4

Panther was a very small kitten that was crawling in an intersection before one of our volunteers picked him up. He ended up staying at the farm. We call him a “wanna be stray cat.” He loves to go outside to explore and cries like a baby when he does not get out. When he gets tired of being out on the field, he would come to look for a few of his favorite staff. This is the same routine everyday. He would come near, “meow” and lay down in front of the staff. That is a signal to say “I am tired and need you to carry me home to eat now!” Panther is very kind when it comes to food. He would wait for other cats to eat first before he takes his turn or he would share his plate with others. He is very brotherly with Choco Pie.

Choco Pie wandered into our farm crying with one eye shut. He was so skinny. Our staff picked him up and nurtured him back to health. He is aboslutely adorable. He welcomes all farm guests and makes sure that everyone sees him! He snuggles up to anyone and is definitely a favorite among children. He is never aggressive towards other animals or people. He is very very sweet with our other three-leg cat Trinity. In fact, we think he treats her like a second mom. His personality is also the reason why he earned his name “Choco Pie”. He is just a sweetheart to anyone.

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