adopt animals-Chinchilla

Picachu came as a youth. He is very active and really quick on his feet. He is so agile and can jump over a wall that is 3 feet high easily. He is only about 6 inches tall. He has become less afraid of people and more used to being held. This is all thanks to our care takers for socializing him. He has the softest fur of all the animals we have at the farm! When you give him a vitaminc C chew tablet, he will snatch it from your hand and quickly chew it all up with great concentration and enjoyment!

Totoro is older than Picachu and often hides in the wooden house. He is shy and grouchy at times. He interacts less with people and is very sleepy during the day. He would squeeze into one small box with Picachu at times. But he will come out for food! We hope that he would socialize a bit more. We just need to work on that a little more!

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