adopt dog Molly

Molly is sister to Millie. Molly is likely a mix between Huskies and German Shepherds. Molly is very attached to people or animals that she gets close to. She loves to sit and lean on your legs. She is just as sweet and loving as Millie. We really do hope that she can be adopted to the same family as Millie because they are really good sisters together.

adopt dog Millie

Millie,Female,Age 1.5

Millie is sister to Molly. Her mom used to herd sheep and goats. We think that Millie is a mix between Huskies and German shepherds, just like all other Huskies she active, lively, and entertaining. She has light blue eyes and looks at you with a cute little face, waiting for you to pet her. She listens to instructions very well, and is very intelligent. We are looking for an owner that will spend lots of time with her outdoors.

adopt dog Max

Max is a great house guard dog because he will bark at strangers. He is extremely intelligent and listens to you. He learns very quickly. He loves getting attention from you and often goes down belly up so that you can give him a good belly rub. We took him to the hospital to get a check up. After the nurse left the exam room twice, he learned how to open the door to get out of the room! His previous owner was Chinese, so he understands some Chinese. He is crate trained and potty trained. The owner had to leave the country in a hurry and left Max with us. Max is up for adoption and is a really gentle and sweet dog, although anxious and nervous at times. We think this will improve quite a bit once he finds good home. We are looking for a patient and gentle owner who will spend time to train and work with him.

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