adopt pigs-pingping

We got Ping Ping since he was two weeks old. He is pig He He’s brother. He is hands-down mama’s boy, the biggest baby at the farm. He loves to get pets and wants social interaction all the time. If he sees other pigs getting pets, he will come between you and the other pigs. When he sees some of his favorite staff, he would go and rub his face on their legs as if telling them, “How come you have not been here for a while? I miss you.”

adopt pigs-hehe

He He,Male,Age 5

We got him when he was two weeks old. He is extremely agile and intelligent. He used to jump over a divider that was 3 feet high. He also learned how to open doors and locks. He is our little engineer. We had to put on extra locks just to prevent him from coming in the barn to tear open the feed bags. Of course, all of this is motivated by food. He is best friends with one of the staff. Whenever He He sees staff William, he would speak to William the moment he lays his eye on William. Then his eyes are glued to William and he keeps talking until William finally enters the animal courtyard to meet up. It is as if he is chatting to an old friend whom he has not seen for a while.

adopt pigs-josie

The owner of Josie came to us to explain that he is going to be thrown out of his rented house within a few days. If he does not send Josie away when he took Josie, he did not know that his landlord will not allow the pig to be in the backyard so he had to call many rescues, and we were the only one that responded During Covid. So Josie came to stay with us and became our third little pig. We called Josie the nosy because she gets into everything. She is completely unafraid and oblivious sometimes to what others are doing. She would go under alpacas and around their feet, just to be looking for food. She is the most melodramatic one. If you hear her screaming, don’t be alarmed. She is just a typical girly girl.

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