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Po is a white rabbit with a dot of black on his back. He has a broken nose becaue he insisted on fighting with a rabbit who likes his girlfriend rabbit. It was hard for the vet to sew back the nose completely. He loves to be petted on the forehead. When he gets pets, he stays very very still. Even after you stop petting him, he stays in the same position. It is as if he is thinking, “If I stay still I will get more.” He is the father to 5 of our rabbits.

adopt rabbits-Mochi

Mochi,Male,Age 4

Mochi is a beige white rabbits with darker color nose and feet. He is a busy body and a care taker. Whenever we take other rabbits out for activities and then return them to the same floor as him, he would hover around his friends and lick the on the head, on the side. It is as if he is asking them, “You doing okay? Where did you go? Let me help you out!”

adopt rabbits-Toby

Toby,Female,Age 2

Toby is a late comer and was found in a backyard set against the hills. The person who found her did not know what to do and asked for us to please take her in. So she came to us in May 2023 and looked like she is about 1-2 years old. To our surprise, Toby is the friendliest of all the rabbits we have. She is gorgeous with eye shadow eyes and plush white fur. She seemed to have had mental trauma and would not step outside of a cage even when we leave the door open. After a few months of care and social interactions with our loving staff, she is now very social and loves to be around people. We also discovered through health check up that she has Incisor malocclusion which means her incisors do not align. This means her top and bottom teeth will continue to grow no matter what kind of chew toys we provide her. We have to take her to the doctor for a teeth trim with sedation about every 4-5 weeks. Otherwise the teeth will penetrate top or bottom of her mouth. Veterinarians do recommend teeth extractions but this is very costly and we will need to raise funds for her! But for now, we will need to keep up her monthly teeth trim at the vet. Please donate to this little rabbit!


Miso is a beige-miso color rabbit. He is by far one of the most care free rabbit that we have. He is not shy and interacts with people easily without stress. We call him our superstar because he is the one we take out the most to see guests of the farm or to visit the elementary schools. He is our ambassdor of good willl from our rabbit family! But we have to say that he just loves hanging out with the girls. Even though we separate the girls and boys into two levels normally, as soon as we open the door for them to socialize, he would immediately go up to the girls floor to say HI and park him self on that floor.

adopt rabbits-Tutu

Tutu is a Lionshead mix rabbit. She has beautiful white grayish fur plus a little fur skirt behind her rear. This is the reason we call her Tutu. She is a little clumsy, and is not very good at climbing stairs. But she is bold at jumping down from high places. She loves to chew on cords and has chewed off the cords to the microphone that the our tour guide was using. She loves getting pets and bends down for you immediately as your pet her.

adopt rabbits-Fifi

Fifi,Female,Age 4

FiFi has an adventurous spirit since she was young. Whenever we put a new toy or open up new doors to different places. She was always the first one peeking out to see what is going on. She loves to bob up-and-down looking around. She really tries to use the litter box but she is just not aware that when she stands on it, her bottom sticks out of the box. So we often will find a little pool of urine just outside the litter box. What can we say? The girl is doing her best!

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