Products from the Farm

Little Parrot Farm will be using the facility of HCM to develop and process a variety of seasonal products with crops from the farm to advocate the use of natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or additives.

  1. Traditional style soy sauce making
  2. Vegetarian Kimchi
  3. Variety of pickled vegetables (Chinese Kimchi、Salted Vegetable)
  4. Mulberry Jam
  5. Loofah – loofah pads, loofah soap, loofah skin care products
  6. Nettle tea

* Details of each products will be available soon.


Compassion fertilizers with no animal remnant.

Most organic fertilizers that we buy often have bone or blood meals. For those who would like to use no animal body parts, we have found these products for you!

  • G&B Organics – fermented chicken manure
  • Down-to-Earth – Vegan Mix, Kelp Meal,Azomite, Langbeinite
  • Grow More – seaweed extract
  • Ohrstrom’s Maxicrop – soluble seaweed extract
  • Canton Mill’s- soft rock phosphate
  • Worm caste
  • Worm tea

For more information, please contact Little Parrot Farm at:
Tel: 626-986-4551
Address: 2126 Desire Ave., Rowland Heights, CA 91748